Photographing your children can be very joyful and rewarding, there is nothing better than capturing that PERFECT image of your little loved one. However, photographing children also has its challenges! Below I have created a list of tips and tricks to help you get the best out of photographing your children.

Tip one: Use natural light in a natural environment.

Find the most perfect spots with natural light and shadows. This is also a great reason to get out as a family, go for a long walk and scope out cute little photo opportunities, breathe that fresh air in to your lungs, burn off some energy with a little run around. As much as I love the studio, natural family portraits are my favourite - especially living in Somerset, we are spoilt for beautiful locations!

Tip two: Get down to their level - literally!

When photographing Adults it is very important to consider different angles such as, flattering angles from up above. However, when photographing children the most important factor is capturing their genuine expressions and warmth. If this means literally bending down as lower to the ground as possible or even laying down to capture those moments - then that's what we've got to do! The goal is to create an image where you feel completely connected with your child/children.

Tip three: Sometimes silliness creates the best photos.

When photographing your children not only are you Mum/Dad but you are also the photographer and entertainer! Find yourself lost in the silliness, let loose, goof around, dance and sing - get lost in the moment! I mean, it is an excuse to act like a worry free child again, right! Soak it all up and enjoy yourself in the process - those moments are the best and create the best reactions to photograph.

TIP four: take photos of them how they are

Children don't usually fake their emotions, which makes them perfect subjects for natural, genuine, heart-warming portraits. Children are always comfortable with themselves and lack the self consciousness we seem to develop as adults. So, be ready for the candid moments, the natural smiles, the fun playing, just all of the pure goodness from our precious little humans. As those are the shots which will make it to the family wall.

The number one piece of advice is to - HAVE FUN!