So, where do I start?! Let's start at the very beginning of this wonderful journey. The birth of my beautiful daughter very much changed my life, as I am sure you can imagine. They say 'birth is the epicenter of women's power' and boy is that true! Becoming a mother for the first time makes you stronger, it gives you a true sense of worth and purpose, it shifts your priorities, and of course it fills your heart with endless love.

From a very young age I have always loved taking photographs, especially of people. Capturing stories, emotions and timeless memories has always made a huge positive impact to my life. In my younger years at college I studied photography, however chose a completely different career path and ended up keeping photography as a hobby.

When my daughter was born, I found myself constantly taking photos of her - everyday, (I'm sure many parents can relate to this) the cute little outfits, the expressions, the cuddling up to sleep, I just had to capture it all! It got me thinking, how precious those moments are and how important it is to take photographs of our babies - as they just grow too fast! I started photographing friends and their children, also my family members and realised along the way. How much I really do miss photography and how It makes me feel when photographing people.

So that was it - I decided it's time to start creating a successful future, not just for myself - but for my family too. Firstly I started learning PS and LR, these software applications were completely alien to me - At college we spent huge amounts of time in the darkroom or out on location. So at first it was very overwhelming (I nearly gave up a few times!) but after endless hours of studying, I finally felt confident using the software.

The summer had ended and I felt it was time to move forward with my journey. Studio photography is where it started, I decided to scope out the local area for space where I could practise.