Get to know me a little better

Hi, I am Samantha.

I am a Somerset based portrait photographer, with a passion for telling stories through my lens. After the birth of my beautiful daughter, I became invested in capturing all of her milestones and precious moments, reliving every moment through the photos. The journey with my daughter, has reignited my passion and love for photography, influenced my career and discovered my specialities. For that, I am grateful everyday.

My photography journey started in my early years of college. I remember spending most of my time in the darkroom, getting lost in the process of developing black and white images, which completely inspired me. Taking photos has always been a HUGE part of my life. Everywhere I went, every family occasion, you will always find me and my camera.

I have lived in Somerset from a very young age and feel grateful everyday, to live in such a beautiful, inspiring place. Living here, is part of the reason I started photography many years ago!

I'm a people person through and through and from a young age I have always been drawn to people and their stories. Now, I create those stories through my lens, capturing the essence of individuals, the emotions that define us and the stories that make each person unique.

Photography for me is not just about taking pictures; it's about connecting with people on a profound level and preserving their precious moments in time. My passion for photography and people, stems from my belief that every person has a remarkable story to tell.

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